Innovating Knowledge. Transforming Business.  Inspiring and Connecting Professionals 

RHT Academy is a part of The RHT Group of Companies which consists four groups – RHT Holdings, RHT People, RHT Wealth and RHT Consulting. Reputable leaders with extensive industry experience helm each company, steering their teams to greater success.

RHT Academy is an APAC leader in providing training, development and continuing education for legal, legal allied, finance and GRC professionals and senior executives, through  informative, insightful and authoritative courses, seminars and workshops as well as providing up to the minute industry updates and latest trends, and networking opportunities via bespoke, leading edge and flagship congresses and conferences.

Some of our courses culminate to the conferment of diplomas and relevant certification by leading professional entities.

We are a progressive and best in class regional academy with a strong focus in delivering our services fully on line leveraging on the latest suite of technology.