About RHT Academy

About RHT Academy

RHT Academy is a subsidiary of RHT People – the leading knowledge capital group in Asia. We are a progressive and best-in-class regional academy with a strong focus on delivering our services fully online leveraging on the latest technology suite.

RHT Academy is an APAC leader in providing B2B industry forums, conferences, and training courses across a range of industry verticals geared towards providing timely information and solutions on how to overcome business challenges and pain points.

Recognising the ever-evolving nature of work, the economy, and the regulatory landscape, our mission is to inspire, educate, and transform business through our practical and innovative programmes.

RHT Academy offers best-in-class training courses across a range of markets and disciplines. We engage experienced practitioners at the top of their game to deliver practical and in-depth knowledge of their areas of competence. Interactive delivery backed up with detailed course materials ensures tangible takeaways for all participants.

We offer training courses across a variety of subject matters

  • Legal & Regulatory Updates
  • G.R.A.C.E (Governance, Risk, AML Compliance, Ethics)
  • HR & Employment Law
  • Technology
  • Health & Life Science Series
  • Finance