24 October 2018 (Wednesday)

9:00 AM


Azman Jaafar, Deputy Managing Partner, RHTLaw

Taylor Wessing & Chairman of ASEAN Plus Group

9:10 AM


Singapore and the ASEAN Ambition for Sustainability: SG’s Blueprint and Directions for Businesses

We encourage all delegates to participate in this personal pledge to commit and put into action simple steps to reduce one’s carbon footprint and fight climate change, to ensure our future generations have the same opportunities that we have today.


* Scan the Climate Action Pledge QR code or go to

* Select the action(s) you will commit to and submit your personal pledge

* Concurrently, the staff of RHTLaw Taylor Wessing and the RHT Group of Companies will be participating in the mass pledge

* Watch the pledge numbers increase onscreen

* Submit your photos and videos on social media and hashtag #ClimateActionSG

Corporate Pledge

We urge our sponsors and supporting partners to also take the pledge* if they have not already done so, to commit to climate action and be exemplary in taking the lead in sustainability. We gather all these organisations who have pledged, and intend to pledge, to sign off on our photo wall onstage.

*Corporate pledges submissions will be self-administered by participating organisations.

9:50 AM

Introduction of RHT Rajan Menon Foundation

• Project Bridge

• Project Earthquake

• Launch of Greening ASEAN: Initiatives and Leadership (GAIL)

Kaylee Kwok, Partner, RHTLaw Taylor Wessing LLP and Board Director, RHT Rajan Menon Foundation

10:10 AM


Harmonisation of Laws and Influence on ASEAN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • Policies encouraging economic integration and liberalised investment intra-ASEAN
  • Encouraging inflow of FDI by harmonising ASEAN investment laws

Professor Walter Woon,SC, Non-Executive Chairman and a Senior Consultant, RHTLaw Taylor Wessing

10:30 AM


Advancing the ASEAN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Agenda through Policy Reforms and Private Sector Engagement

  • AEC Outlook across the next 5 years and development of sustainability initiatives
  • Asia-UN SDG Action campaign
  • ASEAN Partnership with EU to achieve SDGs
  • Asia Pacific SDG partnership
  • Financing SDGs in ASEAN
  • How to advance the SDG agenda
  • Industries that can help ASEAN achieve SDGs eg agribusiness
  • FTAs and RTAs that assist in strengthening trade and investment for sustainable development
  • Preparing for the next generation
  • ASEAN and global collaboration to scale up initiatives
  • Example projects as best practice approaches

Panel Chair:
Eduardo Pedrosa, Secretary General, Pacific Economic Cooperation Council


Dr Kaewkamol Pitakdumrongkit, Deputy Head, Assistant Professor, Centre for Multilateralism Studies, at S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Dr Low Seow Chay, Advisor, RHT Governance & Risk

H.E. Mr Joseph Del Mar Yap, Ambassador of Philippines to Singapore

H.E. Mr Ngurah Swajaya, Ambassador of The Republic of Indonesia to Singapore


11:35 AM


Private Wealth & Impact Investment: Building Social Capital in ASEAN

  • What role does your organisation play in Impact Investment / building Social Capital in ASEAN?
  • Why is Social Capital crucial for ASEAN’s development?
  • The intersection of Impact Investment and Social Capital
  • What sectors of Impact Investing would hold the strongest appeal for HNWIs / Family Offices?
  • How should performance be measured?
  • Pointers for ensuring “Impact” and pitfalls to avoid
  • The reality and successful cases
  • How do we get more HNWIs / Family Offices involved?
  • How should governments facilitate, if at all?

Panel Chair:

Benjamin Szeto, Partner & Deputy Head, Private Wealth Practice, RHTLaw Taylor Wessing LLP


Cheong Wing Kiat, Executive Director, Business Concept Pte Ltd and Amber Collections Pte Ltd

Erwan Barre, Partner (Foreign Lawyer), RHTLaw Taylor Wessing LLP

Marc Lansonneur, Managing Director, Head of Investment Governance and Managed Solutions, DBS Bank

Noor Quek, CEO & Founder, NQ International Pte. Ltd.

Patsian Low, Director of Asian Policy Forum, AVPN

12:20 AM


Championing Circular Advantage in ASEAN

  • How to resolve conflict between being sustainable and growing fast?
  •  What kind of business models do we need to drive sustainability? (Innovative business models and technologies to create value without limits to growth. Supplying new business models (circular supplies, resource recovery, product life extension, sharing platforms and product as a service)
  •  How do we get customers and employees to embrace sustainability? (Best practices from Singaporean, regional and global companies)
  •  How do we use technology to support this change? (Digital technologies such as social media, cloud computing, analytics and mobility to enable speed and scale)

Panel Chair: 

Sue Meng Chan, Founder & Director, Green Shoots Communications


Darren Ho, Head, Citizen Farm

H.E. Mr Marc Abensour, Ambassador of France to Singapore

Marc Allen, Technical Director, engeco

Pey Peixun, Sustainability Consultant, So Now

Stephanie Dickson, Founder, Green is the New Black

1:05 PM


Lunch buffet lines to start

1:25 PM


Sustaining the Power of the Brand

Andrew Johnston, General Manager and Director of Agronomy, Sentosa Golf Club



Investing in the Philippines

  1. Sustainable Estates by Ayala Land
  2. Philippine Economy Outlook
  3. Why Invest in Philippine Real Estate

Cyrelle Ricafort, Country Manager, Ayala Land International Singapore



2:15 PM

Sustainability & Leadership: The Space To Act (Topic TBC)

Economic development has improved economies, well-being and quality of life for people in Asia. However, there are also constant concerns regarding migration, inequality, security, depletion of resources, degradation of ecosystems, increasing greenhouse gas levels, and detrimental effects from climate change. These trends are damaging to our communities, environments, businesses and long-term economic prospects. A particular strength of the ASEAN SUMMIT is its ability to engage governments, business leaders, media and key stakeholders, and endeavours to be a pivotal forum and strategic compass to inspire new collaborations by facilitating the key leverage points for positive change. Our vision is to encourage a rethink of the playing field such that, over time, economies generate positive outcomes for people within safe environmental limits.

Bernard Tan, Country President Singapore, Sinar Mas Group

2:35 PM

Ethics, Sustainability & Brand Reputation in ASEAN

· How serious commitment to governance, ethics and sustainability will create long-term benefits for shareholders

·How both public and private sector are picking up on the trend

· Examples of forward thinking brands that have deployed comms strategies with sustainability and responsible business embedded at the heart

· How sustainability can be used as a catalyst for business innovation

Shweta Shukla, Director – Communications & External Affairs, Unilever SEAA (South East Asia Australasia) 

2:55 PM

Revolutionising Food Waste management with Data Analytics

Rayner Loi, Co-Founder & CEO, Good For Food

3:05 PM

Responsibility, Resource and Reimagination: Tackling Food Wastage with the New 3Rs

Preston Wong, CEO & Lead Innovator, treatsure

3:20 PM

Confidently Wrong: A Discussion of Ethics, Corporate Governance & Sustainability

Confidently wrong are words that we all are familiar with but the irony is that we all know that we are wrong but will not admit to it. The same applies to the Management of corporate organizations. The decision makers know that they are wrong and confidentially refuse to accept it and this causes lost of revenue, reputation and at times the survival of the corporate itself.

Discussion using these 3 scenario types:

1. Group think

2. Blind spots

3. Wilful-blindness

The decisions that Management deliberates and makes has implications on both the Corporation and Society and at the end of the day, we all speaking about the triple bottom line – People, Planet and Profit. It important to understand that Corporation intends to make profits but at the same time a balance needs to be drawn between the planet and people. The 3 scenario types show us how the Management of Corporations has failed by not addressing issues at that are the CORE of sustainability and by not addressing them in a timely manner, business cannot be sustained.

Sanjeev Gathani, CEO, Better Business Governance

3:35 PM


3:55 PM

4:10 PM


Blockchain as a Game Changer in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

·        Utilising blockchain, distributed ledgers to build multi-stakeholder, cross-sector partnerships, whilst mitigating risk

·        Applications: Development aid effectiveness; Digital identity; Remittances for inclusive finance; Supply chain management; Energy; Property rights

·        Legislation as guidance on what can and cannot be accomplished through blockchain

·        Case studies



Panel Chair: 

Nizam Ismail, Partner, RHTLaw Taylor Wessing and Director of RHT Compliance Solutions


Panellists Associate Professor Loh Yeow Khoon Lawrence, Deputy Head of Department, Director, NUS Business School, Centre for Governance, Institutions & Organisations

Cedric Choy, CEO Co-Founder, AORA

Eliza Mik, Assistant Professor of Law, SMU

Kay Woo, Founder and CEO of MVL / TADA

Sankalp Shangari, CEO, Lala

World Wee-Meng Thoo, Head Of Investments, TMT Sector, Leonie Hill Capital


Energy Moonshot

Applying innovation principles within the sustainability context, this workshop will pose sustainability challenges e.g.: Electric Vehicles / smartgrid / energy efficiency for the audience to get into teams to brainstorm and present plausible solutions, to encourage innovative thinking and implementation for a smarter, cleaner energy future.

Stanley Ng, Program Manager, New Energy Nexus SEA


Sustainability & Leadership: The Space To Act


Helmed by award-winning boutique management consultancy Independent Consultants 1920 (i1920), this session facilitates the rethink of choices that you and your business will need to make in response to sustainability challenges.

Businesses will restore confidence with a Green Casing Action Plan (G.CAP) for overcoming the barriers and seizing the opportunities associated with creating a sustainable business.

Future Proof Your Business: Be profitable and sustainable.

Lu-Ann Ong, Director & Principal Consultant, Independent Consultants 1920 LLP and Sustainability Consultants 1920 LLP

4:45 PM


Green Finance and ASEAN & the China Factor – Beckoning of a Green OBOR

· Green Finance – current global market and opportunities in ASEAN

· The Green Finance Initiative ASEAN Green Bond Standards

  • · The China Factor and ASEAN’s opportunity to rival China
  • · Singapore’s potential position as the SE Asian green finance hub – strategies, technologies, incentives and regulations
  • · Success factors for advancement – Green Finance Council, bringing together the stakeholders, advocates and financiers

Panel Chair:

Noor Quek, CEO & Founder, Noor Quek International


Esther An, Chief Sustainability Officer, CDL

Henry Huang, Managing Partner, Grandall Law Firm

 Lau Xin Yi, Senior Policy Research Analyst (Sustainability), Singapore Institute of International Affairs

Neelamani Muthukumar, Group CFO, Olam
International Ltd

Stephen Ng, CEO, China International Capital Corporation 

 Than Su Ee, Managing Director, China-ASEAN Investment Cooperation Fund (CAF)


Raymond Ang, Executive Director, RHT Governance & Risk


Future Proof Your Business: Be profitable and sustainable.

Sustainability Workshop


Helmed by RHT Holdings and RHT Governance & Risk, this session facilitates your renewal of understanding towards compliance and sustainability basis by SGX, and renews your marketing and communication to align sustainability compliant to a company’s investor relations strategy


Dialogue on Sustainability Reporting

Dialogue Moderator Raymond Ang, Executive Director, RHT Governance & Risk

Dialogue Participants

Henry Tan, Group CEO, Nexia TS

Kelvin, Advisor, RHT Forensics & Disputes Advisory

Michael Tang, SGX

5:30 PM


Invitation back to main hall (Summit 2)

5:40 PM


6:00 PM