Kay Woo

Founder and CEO of MVL / TADA

TADA is Singapore’s first zero commission ride-hailing service. The mission of TADA is to create a virtuous cycle in ride-hailing where drivers, passengers and services are connected by trust. It is a ride-hailing platform where drivers are not charged commissions and are rewarded for providing safe and friendly service and where passengers receive reasonable fares for safe rides anytime and anywhere while being rewarded for providing accurate usage reviews. TADA is powered and made possible by Mass Vehicle Ledger (MVL) Chain Protocol, a trust-driven ecosystem where all participants’ vehicle data is transparently exchanged at fair value and all vehicle-related services are connected in one.

As the founder of MVL, Kay’s expertise lies in understanding mobility challenges across various context in Asia and addressing it by developing digital solutions. Kay Woo comes from a background in engineering and statistics from across leading academic institutions in the United States and South Korea. He holds a master’s degree in Statistics from Ivy League Columbia University and a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from one of South Korea’s leading university, Seoul National University.