Covid-19 and Financial Distress – Practical Measures for Company Directors

POSTED ON: Thursday 21 May 2020 BY: RHT Academy

The pain of fatalities and the financial losses from lockdowns and global financial meltdown have been felt. Countries in the world are lifting lockdowns and restrictions of movements at a different pace. Losses during the period of lockdown period have to be realised. Companies have been tapping on government grants, support and temporary relief Bills to stay alive. After using all these short term support, bankruptcies, judicial management and litigations are expected to increase in the foreseeable future. A new normal with safety measures to prevent the resurgence or rebound of the virus is expected. The journey to full recovery is expected to be slow and long until a vaccine is found, tested and distributed fairly.

Directors have a fiduciary duty to act in the interests of the Company. Our speakers who have seen how companies have managed and survived the crisis of 1985 (Pan Electric crisis), 1997 (Asian Financial crisis) and 2008 (Global Financial crisis) would share practical steps to save your Company.

This 2.5-hour virtual seminar outlines how should directors of companies can address the critical business problems that corporate directors should manage such as cash flow, solvency, low sales and high costs with practical solutions including recovery and growth plan.