Dr. Andrew Dekguang Jhou Chew

CEO Reclaims Global Limited

Dr. Andrew Dekguang Jhou Chew was a former banker, turned eco-preneur 15 years ago driven by the belief that for those who can, has the responsibility to do. Growing up tugging at the hemline of his Mother who was a proactive volunteer and charity advocator for over 50 years. It was not surprising that Andrew cultivated the desire and values of helping the less fortunate and with a very different twist……….to also help Mother Earth. Formally, schooled in finance and economics, he is more of a curious inventor today.

Initially, after leaving behind a banking career, Dr. Chew started both a business consultancy firm and financial consultancy firm providing value-added solutions to business operators. Very much sooner, Andrew realised that it would be more meaningful if he got involved in the business and better still be the ‘helmsman of the ship’.

Andrew has spent more than the past 15 years being involved in businesses in the eco-sphere, ranging from renewable wind energy to life sciences to health sciences. Today, Dr. Andrew Chew is about to embark on a new business, ReimagineME, a blue-ocean strategy; a panel/board not made from wood based but from plant waste, ‘making wood from no wood’, mimicking the mechanical properties of conventional plywood. This is revolutionary, it is one of a kind, instrumental in deforestation and de-carbonisation. We need to be responsible for reversing climate change. Presently, Andrew is the CEO, of Reclaims Global Limited, construction services company involved in the recycling of construction and demolition waste.