• Date:

    Tuesday, 22 October 2019

  • TIME:

    09:00AM - 05:00PM

  • VENUE:

    Six Battery Road, #10-01, Singapore 049909

Workforce Innovation Through Design Thinking


The people of today’s professional working environment are accustomed to constantly evolving technology, fluid workstyles and a cross-generational workforce. Given the dynamic nature of the digital era, it’s time to rethink workforce management and start working on specific new initiatives rooted in human-centered design. With the HR department situated at the core of every organisation’s workforce, it is crucial that its leaders are enabled to be business value drivers and catalysts for change.

This masterclass will share exclusive insights on the business value that you and your organisation can achieve with Design Thinking. By learning through practice, you will develop the mindset and gain exposure on the tools needed to be a catalyst for change within your organisation.

What you will learn:

Through a blend of interactive discussions, group activities and individual practice that will enable you to:

• Understand what it takes to be a catalyst for change and help you learn to innovate by integrating a new mindset, toolkits and capabilities that take place within the organisation
• Identify the right business problem to solve and be able to create tech-driven solutions
• Apply Design Thinking philosophies through a mini problem-solving sprint that will enable you to think beyond the typical process and programmatic approach, and instead focus on experience and outcomes
• Lead your team through a structured problem-solving process with confidence

Course Agenda

  • The philosophy of Design Thinking
  • Getting down to what it is and is not through case studies
  • The behaviours and skill sets needed to become a catalyst for change through Design Thinking
  • The tools for driving behavioural change
  • Setting up the group activity
  • Applying Design Thinking behaviours through a mini problem-solving sprint
  • Personal Stories – getting to know your team
  • Ask the Experts – understand the problem statement from different stakeholders
  • Sailboat – identify barriers and opportunities of the problem statement
  • Ideation – develop solutions
  • Prioritisation – opportunity prioritisation based on impact vs. effort
  • Workshop closing – team retrospective
  • Master class Feedback – I-statements
  • Optional networking session


Angeline Nguan

Customer Experience Director, Quadmark APAC